Bed Alert

The Bed Alert is a high-end, comfortable bed that is combined with the function of an alarm clock. It is designed for persons with dynamic lifestyles who need a good night sleep but frequently ignore and sleep through ordinary alarms. Bed Alert is composed of internal electronic motors and gears intended to awaken a person by producing strong vibrations and an alarm tone at the time set by the user. When the alarm of the Bed Alert is activated, it will wake up even a heavy sleeper.

Product Description
Bed Frame - Supports the mattress, and holds the control panel, digital clock and speakers. Has a diameter of 94”.
Mattress - Provides head to toe comfort for a good night sleep. Queen size round mattress with a diameter of 84” and is made up of 80% latex foam.
Pillow - Used to cushion the head during sleep or rest. Made up of 100% cotton.
Digital Clock - Displays date and time.
Control Panel - Allows you to customize the settings and controls of the Bed Alert for the three program options. Also displays date and time.
Speakers - Amplify sound of the alarm tone and music from the control panel.
Power Cord - Connects the Bed Alert to a wall socket or extension cord for electricity supply. Attached at the back of the bed frame.

The Control Panel is a small rectangular device attached at the Headboard below the Digital Clock. It is where the user can modify all of the settings of the Bed Alert.

  1. Volume Button – a small elongated button located at the left side of the Control Panel used to control the loudness of the alarm tone and music.
  2. Microphone – a small circle device beside the volume button used for recording voice.
  3. Mini-USB jack – lets the user transfer music files from a laptop using a USB standard type A plug and receptacle.
  4. Power Button – a small rectangular button beside mini-USB jack used to turn on and off the device.
  5. Menu Button – a small square...