Becoming a Teacher

Karina Cortez
Dr. Gonzalez
English 1301
25 September 2010
Elementary Teacher
    Elementary teachers have a very important responsibility with young children. Teachers are   to prepare, and educate children for a brighter future. However, this career is like any other profession it requires many roles, and duties and if we are not prepared it will not be a very enjoyable career.  
    Patience, is one of the most important role that an elementary teacher has to have , since they will be spending almost eight hours a day with children. There are different things that a teacher can practice to keep patience at work. Showing to work regularly with a smile on there face even if is not a very good day. Taking extra time to help one student or a few if they are having a hard time with a subject. Listening, and caring for the children not showing any frustration on them since children don’t have the experience or knowledge to handle a bad situation.
    Discipline is another virtue that a good teacher must have when working with children that are at a very small age. From my experience, it can be difficult to keep the attention of   a classroom with a large amount of children. A good technique that has really work is creating a good classroom set up design to keep the attention of all children. Allowing children to choose the activities they want to participate can also be helpful when trying to discipline children. A teacher must not use punishment to discipline children, a good communication between them both will always bring good results (McDaniel).
    Finally, being creative is another way to become a good teacher. Every children is different, and not everybody may learn the same way or be interesting in the same things. Being sensitive to the needs of every child and presenting different ways of doing things can be possible for everyone to have an equal opportunity in learning and doing their best. All teachers should strive for the best to be a “good...