Beauty Drinks Market Insights, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts, 2015-2020

Technavio€™s market research analyst predicts the beauty drinks market to grow at a CAGR of around 11% during the forecast period. The rise in early aging is the primary driver of the growth of this market. The increasing air pollution and hectic and stress-filled lifestyle of the present day customers often result in early ageing. According to clinical studies, air pollutants contains PAH that are gradually converted into a chemical called quinones that produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that results in accelerated ageing.

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The growing preference towards herbal based beauty drinks is expected to boost the market growth during the forecast period. As a result of the increased health awareness, consumers perceive chemical based drinks to be harmful to one's health leading manufacturers to develop beauty drinks that are 100% organic and natural. For instance, during 2015, SBED launched a new brand under the name of Amour Beauta© Harmonie (ABH). This beauty drink is made using ingredients such as collagen, goji berries and acerola extract with pineapple, carrot, cherry and kiwi-apple juice and claims to improve skin hydration, elasticity and wrinkle lines.

Segmentation by ingredients and analysis of - proteins, vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts
During 2014, protein-based drinks led the market with a share of 45%. Collagen-based drinks are the biggest sector in this market as they help the skin to maintain radiance and elasticity. For instance, during 2014, Protein Drinks Co introduced a protein based collagen drink in the UK market for both men and women that containeda milk proteins, vitamins, minerals, green tea extracts and hydrolyzed collagen.

The report offers an analysis of each of the following segments and discusses its impact on the overall market growth -
Vitamins and minerals
Fruit extracts