Beauty and Personal Care Market Inchina

Beauty and personal care market sales power ahead, but growth rate slows
In 2009, China’s beauty and personal care market showed resilience under the impact of the global recession, but growth was lower compared to the previous year. Men’s grooming products, deodorants, skin care and sun care products were the most dynamic sectors in 2009, driving overall market growth; while sectors such as depilatories, colour cosmetics and fragrances were negatively affected by the recession, showing relatively weaker performance.

Men’s grooming remains dynamic
The shopping behaviour of male consumers in China has started to change in recent years, with male consumers becoming more comfortable and confident when purchasing cosmetics for themselves. In addition, extensive advertising of men’s grooming products, frequent promotions and new product launches also helped to further spread the acceptability of male grooming and contributed to strong current value growth in men’s grooming products.

L'Oréal China saw its market share grow continuously
L'Oréal China achieved impressive performance in the beauty and personal care market in 2009, with strong growth seen in skin care, men’s grooming, hair care and colour cosmetics. Its success was mainly due to established brand images, comprehensive product portfolio and an extensive distribution network across the country. In addition, L'Oréal also made considerable efforts in new product development and new market penetration, with its newly-launched hair care products under L'Oréal Paris a typical example.

Direct selling companies witnessed continuous growth
Direct selling companies continuously expanded their business in China in 2009. In addition to the two established companies Avon and Amway, other direct selling players such as Perfect (China) Co Ltd, Infinitus (China) Co Ltd and Pro-Health (China) Co Ltd have also sought further market growth in the beauty and personal care market through launching new lines in...