Beauty and Culture

Beauty and Culture
Sharon Stone
ANT 101
David Smith
September 8, 2010

The Maasai tribe is one of the most known tribes in Africa and they are determined to hold onto their culture. They have a distinctive healthy outlook on physical appearance. Their standards are simple for beauty, they concentrate on what they can control and use character traits when determining what is good looking. The Maasai tribe and the United States have their traditions in how we live within our culture. While the traditions are different in context, they still share similarities. Both cultures have a caring and loving family atmosphere, where they want their children to succeed in their traditions.

Beauty and Culture
    The Maasai focus on a tidy appearance and jewelry as a decoration.   Clean white teeth, a clean look and short crop hair are maintained through brushing, washing and cutting the hair. Proper grooming shows personal pride, a wholesome outlook. (Ford, Paul, 2009)
    Hairstyles, dress and in some degree hair color are physical features that are influenced by where we are born. The Maasai present a captivating look into the standards of beauty. They have a unique healthy outlook on physical beauty, have simple standard for beauty and focus on what they can control. Intricately beaded necklaces, anklets, headdresses, bracelets, and chokers are a major identifying mark for the Maasai, and are often considered a part of the body. Because jewelry is something they can control, the Maasai focus on adornment rather than the body itself when trying to appear attractive.   The beads are ordinary, easy to get, and provide a standard for beauty that does not discriminate against Maasai of lower social status.
    There are major differences in the way Americans and the Maasai view the body. The physical traits the Maasai focus on are cleanliness, white teeth, short hair, to be tall and the stretched ear lobes. The Americans seem to focus
on to be thin,...