Beautiful Store

Social Enterprise and Innovation – Fall 2009 |
The Beautiful Store
Analysis on the Beautiful Store’s managerial strengths and business innovations |

KIM Chulwung, PARK Hyunwook, LEE Sunggik, Tugrul Cirakoglu 2009-12-22 |


Introduction 4
Core Values 5
Business Model: Profit generating structure
Business Model: Selecting business item
Brand: Securing resources using brand power
Identity: Image magic of ‘a good place’
Customer satisfaction value: Providing and developing value of sharing
Satisfaction: Satisfaction of participating brought by success
Market & Environment 8
Customer: Resolving reluctance of participation
Market: Existence of a preexisting market, products and social atmosphere
Timing of business: Right business at right time.
Mentor: Benchmark and learning on success model
Product & New Business 11
Product: Portfolio and diversification strategy for securing items 12
Product: Securing items based on efficiency
Entering new businesses: Continuous contents development
Proposition 14
Distribution web: proper strategy of customer’s needs in a non-store place
Finance & Cost management 15
Infra: Freeloading using social network

Marketing Promotion 15
Promotion: meaning-based free promotion activity and market.
Promotion: enthusiastic & unprecedented social support
Promotion: Public campaign and removal of consumer block by CI and SI.
Culture management 18
Management and organization culture: Change everything in the way of beautiful store. Frame of value-mixed management
Business performance management: Support system based on performance appraisal and growth
Human resource 19
Leader and Leadership: Model, moral, and creative leader
Human resource: passionate and devoted manager
Human resource: BOD, management committee, sponsoring board of director
Human resource: Volunteers
Human resource: employment of local citizens, women, handicapped people, and social...