Bd Interview Questions

General tips
A business development job interview can be viewed as just another sales call, except this time, candidates have to sell themselves. Turning up on time, dressing smartly, and making a good first impression - with a firm hand shake and eye contact - will be a good start.
Being careful to sell skills and experience effectively and confidently is, of course, important - but care also needs to be taken to avoid straying into arrogance when doing so.
Employers will be looking for a people person, who has superb communication skills, and the ability to establish rapport quickly with anyone. They will also be looking for evidence of an ability to perform under pressure and work well in a team environment to complete goals.
Further information for business development candidates
Those working in business development roles will be responsible for creating and acting on a funnel of high quality prospects, and maybe also for analysing and planning whether the business should enter into new markets. If so, they will need to have planning, analytical and project management skills to create and implement new strategies, and then break down whether the efforts are successful or not.
Candidates in these roles will usually communicate and sell to clients directly, so will also need the sales skills required to turn prospects into customers and clients, in both face-to-face and over the phone situations. They will also need to be comfortable pitching and presenting to clients on a regular basis.
Sales people will be expected to come across as confident and comfortable communicating their strengths, but shouldn’t be afraid to show a few nerves, as this will reveal their human side, show they care about the job, and are not simply reeling off a rehearsed sales pitch. Being too slick can make others feel uncomfortable.
A selection of common interview questions business development candidates face are listed below.
Business development interview questions...