Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe - by Palak G

Fatal Fury of Four         Author – Palak Gupta            
Do you believe in equality? Well then “Baulkham hills African ladies troop” which I watched on the 14th of May at Riverside Theatre in the Black Box, Parramatta, is a play I propose you watch NOW! Ros Horin has directed this play screening the life of four African women titled Yarrie, Aminata, Yordi & Rosemary by respectively considering their and the audience emotional state to portray the extraordinary true stories of these women. Together they take the audience to their Africa, to its beauty and music and movement – as well as its horrors. The play encompasses major themes like humour, drama, action, and suspense. This core touching play has made a huge impact on my life. I believe that it would have the same impact on you.
This play illustrates the variance in feminisms from the old ethics, where women did not have rights. These four women in the pay have been trampled, tortured and been taken for granted. Ros Horin has exhibited us the story of these women through a salient production. I don’t even think anyone in the audience would’ve smiled, laughed, sang or danced after such a disturbing past. Now - Yarrie grew up in a camp in Guinea. She is doing her HSC. Aminata is from Sierra Leone. She is an ambassador for Australia for UNHCR. Big Mama Rosemary is from Kenya. She is a community leader and she knows how to live. Yordy was a child soldier. Now she's the mother of four amazing kids. I applaud the bravery of Yordi, Amanita, Yarrie and Rosemary for having no ego and for sharing their journey with us.
The set production was significant as it added mood and atmosphere to the play which allowed the audience to feel the pain and sorrow as well as the comedic scenes rhythmically embedded throughout the play.   I have to say I have never perceived such a symbolic and natural looking stage and setting. A projector is constantly used throughout the play to provide a series of pictures, video...