Battle of the Sexes


He is not as smart as he thinks!   When it comes to intelligence, the battle of the sexes continues.   People continue to debate the question - who is the smarter, man or woman?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre in Philadelphia have released a study that may help settle the debate.   The researchers note that there have been lots of previous studies which found that head size correlates statistically with intelligence - not quite a widely known fact.

Because on average a man’s body and head is bigger than a woman’s, many might beleive that men are more intelligent than women.   Researchers, however, say that is not the case.   Men and women consistently score equally on intelligence tests.   Experts agree that women are just as smart as men.

The University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre also address the question: “Why are women just as clever as men if they have smaller heads?”   Recent studies conclude that men and women simply think differently.

Dr Ruben C Cur said: “We are beginning to get an explanation for the lack of intelligence disparity between men and women.”   A recent study shows that men have a higher proportion of white matter than women.   Women have a higher proportion of grey matter.   Grey matter is where computation takes place.   White matter is responsible for the communication between cells in the brain.

The conclusion that I make is that man is claimed to be smarter than woman because of popular convention, but in reality I think they are both equally clever.