Battery Information

Thanks for visiting the new battery information section.
Difference in batteries:
In the electronic cigarette “mod” world there are two main types of batteries.  ICR and IMR.
ICR = LiCoO2 (typical Li-ion)
IMR = LiMn
  * It is generally accepted that IMR batteries use a safer chemistry than ICRs which is why ICRs can be purchased with and without protection circuits.
  * IMRs can support higher discharge rates than ICRs (high drain) and are a better choice for lower resistance coils and mechanical devices.
  * Although some ICRs have increased storage capacity (mAh) they may not always be able to deliver the amps requires to power your device.  For example, this is why ProVape recommends IMR type batteries.
So if you want to be safe, what should you do?  Here are some suggestions…
  1. First, use any electronic cigarette or device AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  2. Label/date your batteries so you know how long they’ve been in-use.  If they’re still going after a year, toss them unless you have the ability to check their status.
  3. Buy your batteries from reputable venders.  I’ve been taken by the inflated mAh ratings seen on some “Ebay Offerings”.  There are many good battery vendors out there.  I get many of mine from RTD Vapor.
  4. If you are using a protected device you should be ok with any battery selection.   If not, use a safer chemistry IMR or “hybrid” and/or a mod fuse such as the 2 Cents For Safety fuse.
  5. Get a QUALITY intelligent charger.  The Xtars or Intellichargers both good choices.  I personally use THIS ONE and have never had an issue.
  6. Do no over discharge your battery.  When you’re battery approaches 3.3 volts, it’s time to charge.
  7. Do not carry loose batteries.  Batteries thrown in a purse or pocket could find metal and short.  For example… keys!  Exposed batteries have the potential to short when not properly protected.
  8. Try not to stack, but if you MUST… 1) use...