Battered Women

1. Problem: the primary reason for womens trips the emergency rooms is domestic violence. Most common injuries include but not subject to; cracked various bones, dislocated jaws, fractured spines all could require stiches and pain medication, no to mention help. Being a victim of abuse have and impact far beyond the bodily damage, relatively one-half of all homeless women are homless because of domestic abuse
A. Reasoning of such high domestic violence rates is because the law fails to protect women.
1. Marital rape is confusing because some states don’t have a law against it. Lenore Walker did a study and 59 percent of the women had been sexually abused by their husbands, that’s 1 out of 10 wives have been assaulted by their husbands.
a. A women should have complete control of her own body and if choses not to have sex with her married partner, it should be considered sexual abuse.
2.   In 1993, the California Department of Justice reported 238,895 domestic abuse police calls, an 80 percent of partners use their hands or feet to assault their target.
a. Every case is handled differently based on the victim; laws vary from state to state and are convicted based on the injury. Most people do not clearly understand the meaning of abuse; abuse can be much less noticeable and misleading.
B. Domestic violence doesn’t just affect their victim, but also the people around them. Even though they are not the person who is being victimized they are exposed to it resulting in physical developments and delays. (Understanding violence and victimization page 57).
1. Many studies have shown that adults reported long term