In   early 1938 the success of superman encouraged   editors of National Publications ( future DC comics)   to   call for more superheroes to be made, because of this Bob Kane( artist) and Bill Finger       (writer) created ‘Batman’ .   Bob Kane had originally drawn batman to look similar to superman, with reddish tights, boots, no gloves, two stiff wings that looked like batwings and a small domino mask.   Bill Finger had only a few suggestions like giving batman a cowl instead of a domino mask, a cape instead of wings some gloves and removing the red from the costume.   The character’s first   name ‘Bruce’   comes from   Robert Bruce a Scottish patriot. Many aspects of batman’s life was inspired by popular culture of the 1930’s including movies, pulp magazines, comic strips newspapers and even some aspects of Bob kanes own life.
                                                                                EARLY YEARS
In May 1939 the first batman story “ the case of the chemical syndicate” was published in detective comics #27. Batman was originally written in pulp style and this is extremely evident in the way that he showed little guilt in murdering or injuring criminals. In 1940 batman was given his own solo title even though he still appeared in detective comics. Batman and Superman were the two most important characters for National publications as they played a huge part in the company’s success. Batman and superman were featured side-by-side in world’s finest comics in fall 1940. Within six batman issues, batman was being drawn with a more profound chin and the length of the ears on the mask grew longer, after about a year batman looked how he does today.  

                                                                  1950- 1963
Batman was amongst a few superheroes that were continuously published even when interest in detective...