Batman Year One

Batman Year One Cory Williams
The comic book story “Batman: Year one” was written by Frank Miller of DC comics and was illustrated by David Mazzucchelli and colored by Richmond Lewis, lettered by Todd Klein. This story was first known as “Year one” and was later referred to as “Batman: Year One”. The original issues (#404 - #407) came out in 1987.
This story takes place about 10 years ago and the perspective of young Lt. James Gordon when he first arrives in Gotham City from Chicago. He then joins the GCPD, working for Officer for Gillian B. Loeb and his detective Arnold John Flass. Gordon learns that the city is run by Don Carmine Falcone “The Roman”, he even had the police department on his side, Gordon started to feel the dishonesty of his fellow officers and became confused by how little the GCPD is doing in the streets. One day cops led by Flass were ordered to beat up Lt. Gordon, outnumbered Gordon went down with a fight. Later on when he got Detective Flass alone, he gave him the beating of his life, it was his pay back.
Meanwhile Bruce Wayne “Batman” had returned from overseas with a change of heart, wanting to change the outlook and the injustice of this corrupted city. So he started training and working out, getting his body in the best physical shape. Bruce Wayne started off as dressing up as a homeless person watching over the streets of Gotham City.
His mission almost ends in a disaster, after running into and angry pimp and getting stabbed and shot. Returning to the Wayne’s Manor Albert helps him with his wounds, then goes to sit in the study to goes think about how to approach his missions; suddenly a vampire bat hits the window. Then got the idea to have a new identity and came up with Batman. As the Batman he goes off attempting to stop crime once again, he begins to find that the most persistent nemesis was the Gotham City Police Department.
One mission was to interrupt one of “The Romans” dinner plans with the...