Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules
 2 point field goal- a shot made from anywhere during play inside the 3 pt arc.
 3 point field goal- a shot made from anywhere outside the 3 pt arc.
 Free throw- 1 point is awarded to an unguarded shot taken from behind the free throw line while the clock is stopped.
 Boxing out- a player’s position between an opposing player and the basket to obtain a better rebounding position.
 Dribbling- bouncing the ball with 1 hand using your fingertips instead of your palm so that it rebounds back to yourself (the only legal way to move with the ball)
 Passing- moving the ball by throwing, bouncing, handing, or rolling it to another player (Chest, Bounce, Lob)
 Shooting- throwing the ball to make a basket
 Pivoting- stepping once or more in any direction with the same foot while holding the other foot at its initial point.
 Rebounding- The recovering of a shot that bounces off the backboard or the rim.
FOULS: results in one or more free throws awarded to the opposing team
 Blocking- impeding the progress of an opponent by extending one or both arms horizontally or getting in the path of a moving player.
 Charging- running into a stationary player while you are moving with the ball.
 Hacking- the player hits the arm or hand of the person holding the ball.
 Holding- the player holds the person with or without the ball.
VIOLATIONS: results in a change of possession with the team in bounding the ball at the side line opposite where the infringement took place
 Traveling- moving illegally with the ball
 Three seconds- an offensive player remains in the key (free throw lane- the area under the basket) for more than 3 seconds
 Double dribble- a player dribbles the ball with both hands at the same time or they stop and then start dribbling again
 Air ball- a shot that completely misses the rim and the backboard
 Assist- a pass to a teammate who then scores a field goal.
 Defense-...