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Key learning points

Preparing the business case for learning and development
The business case for learning and development should demonstrate how learning, training and development programmes will meet business needs.

Planning and delivering learning programmes and events
The stages are:
  1. Identify learning needs.
  2. Define learning objectives.
  3. Decide on content.
  4. Decide on methods of delivery.
  5. Decide on location, facilities, the budget and who delivers the programme.
  6. Prepare information about the programme or event.
  7. Deliver the programme or event.
  8. Evaluate learning.

Main criteria for effectiveness
  ● The programme is based on a thorough evaluation of learning needs.
  ● Clear objectives have been set for the outcomes of the programme.
  ● Standards are set for the delivery of the programme.
  ● Success criteria and methods of measuring success have been established.
  ● A blend of learning and development methods are used – informal and formal – that are appropriate for the established needs of those taking part.
  ● The outcome of the programme is evaluated.

Responsibility for learning
  ● While individuals should be expected to take a considerable degree of responsibility for managing their own learning, they need the help and support of their line managers and the organization, including the L&D function.
  ● Line managers have a key role in planning and facilitating learning by conducting performance and development reviews, agreeing learning contracts and personal development plans with their staff and helping staff to implement those plans through the provision of learning opportunities and coaching.
  ● Learning and development professionals are becoming learning facilitators rather than training providers or instructors.

The basis of learning needs analysis
  ● All learning activities need to be based on an understanding of what...