Basic Child Development

1.1 Explain sequence & rate of each aspect of development normally expected in children 0 – 19 years
1.1 Physical birth – 19 years.
|0 – 3 months                           |6 months                               |12 months                               |18 months                               |
|Has head control. Begins to co-ordinate|Has more control; Sits up; Shows signs | Crawls; walks; Grips; Points           |Picks things up; Balances; Climbs;     |
|movement. Reaches for object           |of crawling; Has stronger legs         |                                       |Builds towers of 3-5 bricks             |
|2   years                               |30 months                               |3 years                                 |4 years                                 |
|Kicks ball; Steers pedal toys; Throws   |Jumps; Tiptoes; Begins to paint         |Manages stairs on own; upstairs one     |Pedals; Throws with aim; Uses scissors;|
|over arm; Has bladder control           |something meaningful; Threads beads     |foot at a time; Jumps off bottom step; |equipment; Builds tower of 10+ bricks; |
|                                       |                                       |Can ride a tricycle; Controls pencil;   |Grasps a pencil maturely; Begins to do |
|                                       |                                       |Builds tower of 9 bricks               |up buttons                             |
|5 years                                 |6-7 years                               |8-12 years                             |13-19 years                             |
|Runs upstairs; Hops; Touches toes;     |Skips; Rides bicycle without           |Increased body strength and             |Body changes e.g. For girls             |
|Threads a needle; Sews stitches; Kicks |stabilisers; Jumps from height;         |co-ordination; Quicker reaction time;   |Breasts develop, waist gets smaller,   |
|with aim;                               |Makes running jumps; Climbs...