Barriera in Business Communication

Barriers in Business Communication
Communication is an essential part of any type of business, school, personal, or team situation. Being able to communicate openly and express your opinions, ideas and concerns is something that we all go through every day. Depending on the type of situation or individuals you are addressing will depend on the way you will address them and how one will proceed to communicate.
Online schools are very convenient, but at times can be very difficult when it comes to communicating with others, whether it is a teacher, another student or a team setting.   People always want to get their point across in a positive manner, or even to inform them of an idea or opinion, and can be difficult at times for people to be to interpret how you are feeling, or what point you are trying to get across. When in an online class, not every student or teacher is online at the same time, so if there is a problem or concern you can email or post a question or concern, but could take time in order to get a response back. Online schools are based on the at home environment and also the convenience for individuals and their everyday life. To help with situations as this one, an online chat could help improve the communication barrier in terms of time frames. However, on the downside to this it puts people in a predicament in terms of they will have to work out a time frame where everyone is available to participate in this. This becomes another issue because students and teachers are from all parts of the United States, and in different time zones. Another way to possibly help the communication barrier in online schools would be to have a mandatory, school regulated meeting where either students or teachers could communicate and the school just like the participation aspects could monitor it. This could be placed on the point system to earn credit. In the team setting, we all have phone numbers of each of the members, trying to set up a conference call,...