Barcode Proposal


Prepared for
Warehouse General Manager
Aircraft Maintenance, Conair Corp.

Prepared by
Aircraft Maintenance
Conair Corp.


TO: Warehouse General Manager
FROM: Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
DATE: Today
SUBJECT: Eliminating Aircraft Maintenance Warehouse’s Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)
Tracking Issues

Here is the report you requested November , 2009 on implementing a barcode system for tracking HAZMAT in the warehouse.

As noted by my maintenance folks, the manual system of tracking for HAZMAT in your warehouse is not working and these items are expiring on the shelves.   We cannot use expired chemicals on aircraft and caused us to lose maintenance time waiting for new chemicals to arrive.   These expired HAZMAT chemicals have also caused additional challenges and costs for disposal for your warehouse.   This cannot continue this costly oversight.

The solution to this problem is a more efficient tracking system for HAZMAT.   A barcode tracking system is the answer to this issue.   It will provide a means of automatically tracking each HAZMAT item through its lifetime from the moment it arrives to its disposal.   It will automatically keep records in the database, generate reports as needed, and automatically remind your workers when items are coming close to their expiration date.   Finally, the tracking software will automatically place an order when stock levels get low or an item is two weeks from expiring.

Your folks are already trained on using the manual database, which is very complicated.   The barcode system promises to be very user friendly and will not only ease the burden of for your employees, but it will also keep aircraft maintenance on-track and eliminate the added costs of disposing expired HAZMAT.

I sincerely appreciate Dan Smith’s help, the Quality Assurance Supervisor for gathering the quality assurance...