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Maria Sample                                   London, 23th November, 2010 36 Sample Street
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Application for a XXXX Position
XXX Bank

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a student in my first semester of the XXX Business School in London, I would like to use this opportunity to send you my application for a XXX Position, with a preference to XXX department

With its XX years of history and a strong global network, I am attracted to XXX Bank as it established an extremely strong basis that successfully overcame the financial crisis and is aiming to become the best financial service provider in the world. XXX Bank raises my interest through their strong positions in successful fixed-income trading segment. It is very well positioned various international financial rankings. The bank received XX regional awards including Best Investment Bank in six regions. Also XXX Bank has been ranked number one in US equity research. Aiming for the best is one of my goals for my future career, hence, I believe doing an internship at “The Best Financial Firm” for undergraduates would provide me the opportunity to learn marvellousness about this industry.

The floor of a stock exchange is a place where various institutions and individuals around the world are connected. I consider it to be most interesting because actors at XXX Bank can evolve with enormous speed and confidence, optimize their professional technique by continuously improve their knowledge about the markets and this way consulting their customers with the best possible financial decision. The competence of reading and understanding the impact of businesses’ and governments’ decisions behind the numbers is upmost fascinating – an ability that I could only acquire by joining such an exciting working position. I imagine that this job provides every day with new challenges that will not only shape my financial expertise but also build my knowledge...