Bangsamoro Basic Law

Timbal, Mark N.
Is the Bangsamoro Basic Law really necessary to provide long lasting peace in the Muslim Mindano? Many have tried,many have failed. Peace is a long journey that requires patience, sincerity,goodwill,political will,and utmost dedication of all concerned and affective sectors,hence,the need for a carefully crafted peace process and the peoples collective and meaningful participation in finding resolution to and addressing the roots of the conflict.
Abunda (2015) stated that “The quest for a just and lasting peace has taken a vicious blow in the wake of the mamasapano incident last January 25 that has claimed the life of 44 PNP-SAF troops 18 MILF rebels and about 7 civilian” ( In the aftermath of the tragedy, the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law has been set back.
In the past 5 decades countless lives have been sacrificed just to achieve the said freedom needed by the Moros.Abunda (2015) stated that “Official data reveals that the Mindanao conflict has claimed over 120,000 lives and displaced millions just in the year 2000 when the then President Estrada launched an all out war against the muslim insurgents. And another 600,000 lives during the failure of Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domains in 2008” (   . Which makes us think can this law really provide us the needed peace Mindanao extremely needed? Passing the BBL will only nullify our nations claims on the Mindanao Territory thus making the more dominant Moros to rule over Mindanao. We understand that the best way to defeat an enemy is befriend it but what if the enemy are the ones actually making the steps to ruin the building friendship? Huge gaps have been found in the Mamasapano Incident. Which includes the fact that international terrorist's is hiding deep within MILF's own backyard. If they really want a "just and lasting peace" in Mindanao they should have turned over the terrorist's to the government.. Given the fact that they have...