Banana Boat

Last summer, my family and I visited the exotic Bahamian Islands. From what I had learned from others’ experience, it has the most beautiful beach in the world. It has clear, crystal waters which you could see the bottom of the ocean floor. This beautiful ocean includes soft, white sand, astonishing fish, and colorful coral reefs. It was an adventure I could not wait.
The plane ride there was unlike any other. I could not sleep at all because of all other. I could not sleep at all because of all the excitement inside me. I kept on looking outside the window for any hint of the famous islands. I constantly bothered my parents for the remaining period of time on the plane ride. My anticipation exploded from me as the captain said, “Please buckle your seat belts, get ready for landing!”
When I first stepped onto the Bahamian Islands, a big wave of heat confronted me, and I could not handle it. The blazing sun was always beating me down with its burning, hot rays. After stepping into the cool waters of the sea, I was finally relieved form the torture of the sun. These cool, icy waters were blanketed by the beautiful, soft sand. If felt like I was walking on the shores of paradise.
As I was relaxing on the breath-taking beach, I saw what looked like a big yellow smile skimming the surface of the ocean. I asked my parents what that peculiar creature could be.
They replied, “That is the Banana Boat Ride. Would you like to ride it?”
I said I would. I was so excited I could not keep quiet and calm. As I buckled my life jacket, I wondered the possibilities of falling off and drowning. As my family boarded the Banana Boat, I held on