Ball Mill Is Common to Users All over the World

Ball Mill Is common to users all over the world
Ball mill with the growth of the life, there will be some small problems, barriers to more or less on the production of the ball mill, the following is to produce ignition phenomena relative to like introduce you to the ball mill brush sparking and brush braided handle, ball mill brushes red-hot or blown phenomenon is a relatively small problem, but many factories do not know how to solve this problem, to be burned on a ball mill brush the ignition and brush braided.
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After analyzing blown phenomenon more accurate understand of this phenomenon more thoroughly. Understanding of ball mill people know, brush ignition is caused by many reasons, mainly: When the ignition problem occurs, we should not be too hasty, not to panic, we should be rational to treat. We list a some way, these approaches is the ball mill brush sparking prevention and treatment measures, and I hope we can bring help.
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1. A grinding process. Dirt and burn marks timely No. 120 fine emery cloth to polish, to ensure the smooth contact surface.
2. Check the pressure. Maintain the pressure of the brush is in the equilibrium position, and we should prevent elastic unevenness of the pressure.
3. Select the brush. In accordance with the requirements of the original design and choose the size of the brush.
4. Adjustment brush. Regular cleaning brush box, ensure that the brush can campaign freely.
The brushes produce ignition phenomena in the ball mill production may often encounter, as we say, may not be a problem, but reasonable processing is crucial for us, the flexible use of the above knowledge, I believe will bring unexpected convenience.
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