Balanced Scorecard

Measuring Performance

If a business has a desire to be lucrative, it is important the business keeps the employees happy.   It is also imperative to measure an employee’s job performance making sure his or her work level is acceptable in order to reach strategic goals.   Key performance indicators (KPIs) are assessments used to define, measure, and track an employee’s job performance.   Quarterly employee satisfaction surveys will give valuable awareness into the insights of the employee’s viewpoints.
The managers have a responsibility to ensure customers are treated with the upmost respect while receiving exceptional customer service.   To achieve high-level customer service, the managers will make sure the employees understand the mission of the call center.   The mission of the call center is the goal that must be achieved.   To achieve the goal, the employees will have a set of goals aligning with the goals and mission of the call center.   The managers will assist the employees in developing his or her personal goals to align with the call center goals to achieve success.   The managers will ensure the employees are properly trained by providing the necessary tools to achieve his or her goals.  
The managers will have a clear understanding of the mission, individual goals, proper tools, and training when the KPIs are in place. The KPIs will help ensure the strategic goals are being met by the employees and the customers continue to receive exceptional service. Three types of KPIs will be used to measure the performance of the employees.
  1. Feedforward control measure – training employees to resolve customer issues expeditious
  2. Concurrent control system – randomly observes an employee’s phone call performance to certify efficiency and effectiveness meeting company standards
  3. Feedback control system – manager’s review of the employee’s performance
Employees are trained to resolve the basic issues a customer can experience. The calls are randomly...