Balanced Scorcaed

BALANCED SCORCARD for BAE System Ltd with emphases on Platform Solutions

Magic Johnson
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 630
Section 9048
Professor: Sue Billko
September 01, 2010

Managers analyzing a company’s perspectives are better able to convert the company’s strategy into actionable objectives and in doing so, can quantify how well a strategic plan is executed. A Balance Scorecard will be used as a management system to map BAE systems’ Platform Solutions’ strategic objectives into performance metrics. There are four perspectives involve:   financial, internal processes, customers, and learning and growth “These perspectives provide relevant feedback as to how well the strategic plan is executing so that adjustments can be made as necessary” (NetMBA, 2010).
Platform Solutions caters for the aerospace and defense industries with products and technologies that improve operational safety and enhance mission effectiveness.   The business supports a comprehensive array of commercial and military platforms including rotary and fixed wing aircraft, and land vehicles with capabilities in power management, vehicle management and human to machine interface. Platform Solutions designs and manufactures fly-by-wire flight controls; autopilots, pilot sticks, and inceptors; full-authority digital engine controls; cockpit, head-up, and helmet-mounted displays; data distribution and flight-deck systems; hybrid electric propulsion systems and vehicle power management systems. Platform Solutions also is at the developmental stages of integrated capabilities for prognostics and health management, all-weather operation, air traffic management, power management, and real time cockpit information.
The business is based in Johnson City, New York. Platform Solutions employs more than 4,200 people at 10 facilities around world. There are three organizations within Platform Solutions, Commercial Avionics, Defense Avionics and Power & Energy...