Baha Implant

Jim Anderson
Professor Jennifer Duff
College Writing Skills ENG015 E1
16 June 2010
Week 11 Assignment
Growing up through childhood can be a major milestone to accomplish.   Every child just wants to be accepted.   I have often have had difficult times being accepted into the “in” crowd.   Physical features that normal kids are born with are things like two eyes, two hands, and two ears.   Children that are born with body abnormalities have a harder time trying to adjust. to their adaptations.   Unfortunately, due to a birth defect, I was born with no left ear.   Additionally, there is no opening in my left ear for me to hear from.   As a result, I have decided to pursue a hearing restoration procedure that involves multiples surgeries to allow me to be able to hear from both sides like a normal person would.   While growing up, my condition has made it very hard for me to make friends and live a normal lifestyle.   Now that I am older, I am seeking medical assistance with a skull-implanted hearing aid to allow me to hear as if I have both ears to hear from.   My main goal isI am looking to have 80 – 100% hearing restored to my left side and look normal..   I have always struggled with my self-confidence growing due to my physical appearance of my left ear deformity.
Having only one ear has not made it easy to play the piano.   I feel that due to my lack of my left ear and hearing, my piano skills are much strong that than of a personmost people of my age.   My mind is forced to listen to the music in attempts to cancel out all other background noises.   This is my true reason why I feel that I am a top musician for my age.   No other person, such as I, has the ability to play by ear (‘no pun intended’) and adapt to any music style that I am constantly exposed to.   Most children are usually forced at some time or another to have to play a music instrument.   I have picked up with ease my piano playing skills that are now second nature as well if not faster than others that...