Bagel Hockey Case

Bagel Hockey Case |
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The Bagel Hockey Case deals with personnel issues at the Toronto Training Academy Cafeteria.   It describes a situation where Mrs. Laraby, the ___ walks in on half of her staff messing around while others are furiously working to handle customers.   What has led up to this event and what should follow, can all be described under organizational behavior.
  I. Describe the Emergent System in the Case:
At the Toronto Training Academy (TTA) Cafeteria, the social system is based on age, or time employed at the cafeteria.  Ernie Slim as senior student supervisor is top management during the weekends because he has been working at TTA for four years.  The cash register is occupied by a housewife in her thirties because she is a more mature, older woman.  The lower level positions are all held by students who are in high school or attend TTA.  This system would seem to have been put in place to ensure that those in higher positions were more reliable and responsible.  However, there are many differences between the ways the system should work and how it is working in the TTA case being studied.
The first difference is the performance of the supervisors.  In a correct system, those supervising the cafeteria would be required to be helpful, knowledgeable, and responsible.  At TTA Cafeteria, Ernie Slim is the reigning supervisor, and instead of monitoring the work of those under him, he is introverted and spends his time out of sight working on take-out and banquet orders.  The next level of management is Henry Delano. As junior student supervisor Delano is more personable, but lacks the knowledge to make him appear in charge.  The cashier, though older and more mature, turns a blind eye to any indiscretions.  Overall, those supervising on the weekends either encouraged or ignored the act of playing games instead of working.  Consequently, the cafeteria lacked the management system needed to remain...