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By nip on 27.7.2007 in Blog
Jello again, it’s been a while since the last update on the Warsow dev status.

Most of the team have been busy with irl stuff, summer job, real job, holidays and what not. But we’re still working hard for you gamers

- Anyway, what’s going on!?

As some of you may have read in the interview the dev team is currently reforming. This is no secret, and it’s nothing bad either. It’s just something we need to do, in order to keep the team alive… SolomonK has done great things for Warsow in the past, and is still continuing to do so, but he has stated that his irl activities do need a lot of attention (which is very understandable isn’t it). Now now, don’t panic, he’s not leaving us, he’s still actively involved, he’s still one of the main people to talk to, but know that if you’re dealing with community matters, or gameplay matters he’ll most likely refer to either etr or me.

Etr, as well as myself, have been in the team for quite some time now, and we’ve helped decide about some of the more radical changes since 0.06.

- So, where does this take us?

Well, to put things short…

We got to talking, making a list of all the current problems, analyzing them and coming up with possible solutions. All this info is bundled into a nice little document for everyone involved with Warsow dev to read. The main idea was to make all the Warsow contributors happy, and I believe that the outcome is satisfying.

- What’s gonna happen next?

AHA! glad that I asked :p

Erm, loads, first of all, the applications have been analyzed. We have a testers list! Aaaaand we’re working on the mails to send to everyone that applied.

After we get the testers settled, we’ll let them test the 0.32 RC1, and we’ll take it from there. 0.32 will mostly be a bugfix release! Don’t get your hopes up on lot’s new gameplay stuff, as it won’t happen!

Next step would be to release the 0.32 ofcourse! You guys deserve...