Bad Study Habbits

Bad Study Habits
How They Hurt You

Elizabeth Miller

Kleiner explores the causes and effects of procrastination in his essay, “When Mañana Is Too Soon.”
Choosing another common human behavior other than procrastination, write an essay in which you
Explain its possible causes or effects. Use examples from your own experience to support your thesis


In many cases, students of today's society are often provided with poor study skills. Studying is a major concept of education, and if the problem continues more students will be rejected from
many opportunities. Opportunities include future education at a college, a chance to gain important
Knowledge. Even opportunities to receive a high-paying job, that will allow even more advancement. As years go by, many lives have
been changed by improper study habits that could have been cured if help was provided. Today,
statistics prove that the number one cause of all high school and college dropouts, are the use of bad
Study skills. As the lack of studying continues to steadily grow higher, the problem consistently
deprives a student from the opportunity to gain knowledge. I know I was never encouraged to study, by teachers or parents.
The only reason this is a threat is when a student is lazy and not wanting to do the task at
hand. The task of participating in-class, as well as at home is over looked. Two years ago I had a math
teacher that it   would be fair today he was the most boring teacher in the entire world of education.
His voice sounded exactly like a robot (or the clear eyes guy). I can remember one week where he
gave 60-minute lectures each day on the different ways to do fractions. Another reason he was so
boring was his lack of humor. He never had any fun, never laughed, and never smiled. He told one
joke the entire semester of my junior year. " Q: What do you get if you divide the cirucmference of a...