Bad Blood

Marlan (Commentary) -- Mar.07.11
Bad Blood
In the passage given to me, Bad Blood by Lorna Sage, the reader is shared the experience of an adult women's childhood written with her perspective; she tells the reader of her troubled childhood.
Starting the passage of by saying that the "playground was hell" makes it apparent for the reader that the narrator had a troubled childhood.   She mentions numerous games such as "Chinese burns, pinches, slaps and kicks, and horrible games" all of which seem uncomfortable and wouldn't be considered to be fun games; the mention of such games allows a reader to understand why the playground was hell for her. Her description of "the noise of a thick wet skipping rope slapping the ground" sets the location for the narrator at the time in order to make the reader feel as if they were spectators of the event.   The detailed description of the rope such as being "wet" and "slapping" lets the reader see that it was a dirty environment and the narrator succeeds in making the reader feel as if the place wasn't pleasant.
The comparison of her life to childbirth makes her childhood seems much more painful.   She compares her pain with what a woman would feel when should she give birth.   Not only does the reader come to know that the narrator is a woman, as woman could relate to pain during childbirth, but also that she felt truly hurt at such a young age.   The narrator tries to evoke emotion in the reader hence allowing the reader to sympathize with the little girl.
The narrator clearly addresses the issues she had with her childhood; those being that she could never mark her own space and that was always "shaming to remember", she feels sorry that she had to save her "scabby little self in small people's purgatory." Using the word purgatory has a negative connotation and lets the reader know that the group of children with which she hung out were callous in manner.
Not having a friend through childhood is a very menacing...