Back in Time

grew up in Texas in my early childhood. I am the oldest of two children, a girl and a boy name Jimmy. We are exactly 2 years and 364 days apart. We were born in Florida, moved to Texas when I was 7 years of age and moved back to Florida during my adolescents. My mom family lives in Florida and my dad’s family lives here in Texas. I don’t remember much or I don’t think I remember much. However talking with my dad brought some memories back.
He said my favorite toy around 2 and 3 years of age was my bicycle that had training wheels. He said I would play on it all day. Even when I fell off and bled out from my knees, I would get back on it and ride.   I played outside most of the day. My mother liked to garden and move plants a lot so she would let me run around and do my own thing. Sometimes I would go to sleep in the back yard and they would find me in the old barbeque pit with my Irish setter puppy.   The puppy, Red, would climb in my playpen and sleep with my too.
My brother started coming into the picture around 5 or 6 years of age, because he was born with a defect in his bladder he was in the hospital for close to a year maybe a year and a half. I was sent up to my grandparent in White Plains, New York.   They were ministers of a church up there and I remember iceskating and riding on a garbage can lid sliding down the hill in snow. My favorite thing to do was singing again in church.   . I would practice singing into the vacuum‘s cord and mirror.   My favorite songs were from Donny Osmond or Marie Osmond.  
As I grew older to 8 or 9 years of age, I got a new bike with no training wheels and skid my knees more. I played with Barbie dolls. I have house and cars and all kinds of clothes. My cousin and I would get to hang out on the weekends and play with the dolls or go outside and play.   We started getting into the cupboards and getting can groceries out and play store.   I remember my dad got me a cash register one Christmas and that was my favorite toy for a...