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I’ve joined Company Swindon organisation only 8 weeks ago. During the first 4 weeks I undergo an extensive training / meet of the various key managers within the organisation but also of the company policies and regulatory requirement.
This training is still ongoing as my study on Company University website only recently started.

I have now a better understanding of:
- the structure
- my fellow supervisor role and responsibilities
- production output
- production daily, weekly reporting
within the production department.
On Monday this week, my manager (Plant Manager of the plant in Swindon) confirmed my appointment as leader supervisor for the Oxford Uni value stream.
The plant is divided in different Value stream or activities based on products/manufacturing process.
Each supervisor is given a lead and he also assists another supervisor’s value stream.

During this week production meeting on Thursday, we started to look at the prevision of output requirement for 2011.
During which I was pleased to learn that Oxford Uni; will represent 25% of the total output of this plant next year.

The current weekly output is:
- On average 1,500 parts (see attached appendix 3: The 3 parts of The Oxford® Partial Knee and appendix 4: Output Wk47)
- The plant output around 7,500 pieces, increase by 1,000 since I joined the company (due to growth in the business).
We are now looking toward weekly targets of 2,000 pieces for the first quarter of 2011 evolving toward an estimated 3,000 pieces for the end of the year.
This value stream, the team and my performance will be studied closely by the board and my manager.
I would like to present in this report a first analysis of the issues that currently slow the value stream growth.

1. Organisation, Management and functional issues identified


There is different aspect of the Value Stream Oxford Uni that I am concerned about.
The current structure is based on 4...