Drama relies on conflict. Discuss the kinds of conflict you find in Michael Gow’s Away.

Michael Gow’s Away is a drama that explores the ideas of conflict between and within characters and the need for letting go and moving on. It is through the idea of conflict that Gow challenges the audience to consider the very notion of ‘away’ and it’s significance within characters, and how this impacts on them. Through the use of dramatic techniques the audience is captured in the feelings and concerns of the play and reminded that life is full of drama.
In the play Away, Michael Gow investigates the idea of conflict between characters and their necessity to let go. He does this by using dramatic techniques such as symbolism. Symbolism is used in the play to further recognize the conflict between Gwen and Meg and Gwen’s requirement to stop holding onto her daughter. Gwen purposely leaves the cardboard box that contained Christmas presents at home. This box represents surprise and change, as it is usually unknown what is contained inside. By the action of Gwen leaving the box behind it symbolizes her inability to let go. Gwen is characterized as a person that doesn’t like change and specifically stays to routine, which is why the box represents change and is why she purposely left it at home. The presents inside symbolize giving, appreciation and growing. In which, Gwen leaves this all behind also. Through symbolism of both leaving the box and gifts behind, it shows that Gwen leaves change and growth behind. This creates conflict between both her and Meg, since she can’t seem let go properly and let change occur.
In Away, Michael Gow further examines the concept of moving on by exploring the idea of conflict between characters and themselves. By using the technique of soliloquies, it is made clear that Coral has major issues letting go and moving forward from hers son’s death. In Act One, Scene Three Coral says, “I had to wipe away my tears. To wake up and find...