Away Micheal Gow

Idea/Ideas | Describe | Example | Analyse | Evaluate | What meaning is created? Linking sentence |
Process of DiscoveryorSelf-Discovery | Corals discovery of self-peace comes with the acceptance of the death of her son.   This process is expressed as a difficult one. | ‘strangers on the shore’ “Coral: I cannot walk, I am afraid. Tom: I will show you how” accompanied by the stage direction, ‘he lifts her and holds her as she takes a step forward, then another, then another’. | This reveals the characters process of understanding themselves and others as they deal with love, sacrifice and death. | Gow does this to expose how Coral deals with her internal conflict and how the process of dealing with grief takes time. | Shows that a personal discovery takes time and may become a process in which an individual may need support from others to undergo the process |
New experiences and lead to discoveries that have the ability to change perceptions | The conclusion of the play allows the audience to be exposed to the new perceptions and acceptance of the characters as they express a clear bond with one another. | Bonfire. The stage direction, ‘they all stand and watch the fire for a moment, then slowly walk towards it’. | Shows the purification and cleansing of the character. Indicates how the discoveries and realisations of each character have brought them together. | This is to represent how relationships have been formed and mended through the process of discovery. | Gow does this to show discoveries can provide a greater understanding of the world and allow you to become more accepting of others. |
Confronting Experiences able individuals to make personal discoveries | Changes within the characters occur due to the change of environments and settings. | The storm. When Jim says “stay away from the trees” | When the storm hits, a change in Jim arises shown when he makes an order exhibiting development of character as he takes control of the situation and his...