Away by Michael Gow (Answers the Questions)

1. Find out the characters in “Away” written by Michael Gow!
2. Tell the stories of each acts in this drama!
3. Who do you think the director of this presentation?
4. What can you tell about the uniforms put on by the characters in this drama?
5. Can you give information about the properties used by the director of “Away”?
6. What can you tell about the stage setting constructed in each acts?
7. Can you tell how many settings of place and time in the whole drama “Away”?
(in each acts)
8. When can we be able to know the central theme?
9. What is the central theme?
10. Are you satisfied with this ending? How could it be ended?
a). Tom : Tom is a high-school student and the son of Harry and Vic. He plays in a Shakespeare’s drama, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tom has Leukemia, and his parents, Harry and Vic, haven’t told him that he is going to die, but Tom has worked it out already. He is inspired despite his pain to lead others out of theirs. He shows strength and summons courage into the hearts of others.
b). Meg : Meg is a high-school student and a friend of Tom. She plays in the school drama with Tom. Meg is battling to break out of the mould her parents, Gwen and Jim, are trying to cast her in, and become independent.
c) Coral : She’s still grieving by her son’s death in the Vietnam War. Because of that, she realizes that her marriage is falling apart. She thinks Rick and Tom like her lost son.
d) Roy : Coral’s husband. His marriage is falling apart because of the death of their son in the war.
e). Gwen : Gwen is a nagging wife and mother. Gwen is a rather uptight and stressed person and thinks that to have anything good happen you have to make sacrifices. She purposefully picks fights just to prove that she is the dominant family member. It can be seen that Gwen was a selfish and bellicose person before she undergoes her transforming journey of self-discovery. Actually, her actions and language are only to hide...