Award in Education and Training - Unit 301

A – Assessing Learners Needs, to include;

1.3 Explain ways to promote equality and value diversity.

Group agreements/ground rules are a fundamental part of any training course or session. They lay down the foundations of how we treat and respect one another and allow people to feel safe and comfortable within the teaching environment; giving tutors and learners clear guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. The rules also allow for negative behaviour/language to be challenged and dealt with according to the organisations policy.
During courses I establish the ground rules at the very beginning, setting out the points covered within the organisational policy. I find this supports learners in what to expect from me, the course and the organisation as well as what will be expected of them. I display a copy of the ground rules during each session, and encourage learners to add to the list, to allow them to feel part of the session and decision making. Displaying a copy supports me to deal with any incidents that may arise.
I use the PRICE ground rules which are:
• Phones on silent or off, if you need to take an urgent call please leave the room to take the call
• Respect for one another, be on time, listen
• Involvement/interaction
• Confidentiality
• Equality of opportunity, valuing others, respecting beliefs
I establish start and finish times plus if any refreshment breaks. I inform learners that they must remain for the duration of the session.
I establish by way of pre-course assessment form if any learners have additional needs that they may need support with such as Dyslexia, hearing loss etc, so that I can provide teaching aids or adapt my teaching style in a subtle way so not to cause a learner to feel singled out.

1.4 Explain why it is important to identify and meet individual learner needs.
Learners that will attend my sessions will have varying needs which will need to be identified early on and supported to give them the...