Award in Education and Training - Roles and Responsibilities

1.1   Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training
My responsibility within Kent Community Health NHS Trust is to provide staff with a basic knowledge and understanding of how to use a computer comfortably and how to navigate their way around the various systems we have available. I will be facilitating a training course where by internal members of staff attended to increase their basic knowledge of computers. Within this course, there is room to teach specific topics that the attendees may wish to go over. With this, it may involve changing the lesson plan to include other topics that get brought up frequently and including this in the hand out for the session.

The delivery the course IT: Switch On begins with identifying the learning needs of the delegates on the course. As they would have booked themselves on this course, I am already aware that they want to increase their basic knowledge of computers, but I will also find out if there are any specific areas about the computer or any new programs on our computers in the NHS, that they would like me to cover. This is ascertained before the session takes place as they are advised in their booking confirmation emails to let me know if there are any key aspects they would like covered. Once on the course, I also ask this directly at the beginning of the course so I can then make adjustments as the course goes on. By talking to the learners at the beginning of the session, I believe it eases and encourages them to engage in two-way communication throughout the session.

From identifying the needs of the delegates, I am then able to plan the session a bit better. As this is a course that has been run in my organisation for quite a while there are learning materials already available, however, from finding out additional content the delegates would like covered in advance, I am then able to adapt and add to the learning material to make it more specific to the session. As this session...