Avis Falls Experience

The Can-umantad Falls are hidden away in the remote barangay of Cadapdapan, in the municipality of Candijay. The falls are spectacular, especially after a good rain or when more water is released from the irrigation system above. By all accounts, Can-umantad Falls is the highest in the province of Bohol.
The name "Can-umantad" translates to "sixty feet" which apparently refers only to the first immediate drop of the falls, which hits a rock ledge and then drops another 20 feet or so into the plunge pool, which is refreshing for swimming and wading. For the time being it remains a hidden gem, which only a few lucky and determined tourists reach, to enjoy alongside local residents.

I never want to Falls in love!
Since the day I went to Avis Falls in Burgos, Ilocos Norte which was the 1st falls in my life where I tried to jump into the water even knowing that its very deep and I don’t know how to swim but I mustered my courage to do it. Then after that I wanted more to see waterfalls in my life, even if the falling water is noisy, the experience which will serve as very worth it souvenir. I don’t care if it hard to go there, because I love hiking it will help me burn calories .
It’s the panorama of the falls is where my intention is, because it affects my feelings being behold   with one of God’s creation makes me ecstatic and tranquil along with the wretched world made by the wicked people.   Nevertheless nature’s beauty is the best!