Avid Essay

Students at my school have made a lot of comments about me being an AVID student. People have called us stupid because they think it’s a class for special needs kids. They are wrong. AVID is a great class for normal students who want to get into college and be successful in life. I believe this course is one of the best college-prep classes ever.
When I entered AVID last year as a 9th grader, I felt the same way I did when I entered AVID as an 8th grader. Excitement filled my body more than anything, but I also felt mixed emotions of anxiety and curiosity. I wondered if it was going to be the same as middle school, but by the end of my freshman year I loved the class more than the 8th grade AVID class. I believe it is better organized in high school and better ran than middle school. I’m confident that I will be successful in life because of AVID.
Students in my school have criticized me and the other AVID students about being in the class. I think they believe that it’s only for dumb kids who don’t really have a shot for college. A student I know always says that he hates AVID, because he only took it in 8th grade and didn’t give it any chance at all in high school. He’s a straight “A” student, but I believe I have a better chance at college than he does. I would like to tell those people who criticize us that they can think what they want to, it’s our decision if we want to take this course or not. They just don’t know exactly how critical the class is and the effect it will have on the rest of our lives. I believe that kids who take AVID will be more successful in life than the students who don’t.
If I want to be successful in high school and do well in college, I need to start now. Buckling down, doing my homework, and studying everyday will hopefully bring my grades up to where I could interest colleges in enrolling me to their schools. Last year I slacked off a little, but now that I’m a sophomore I know how to study and do well in school. AVID is a...