Autobiography of an Old Desk

Autobiography of a Desk (295 words)
I am a very old desk. I have a long life history. It is full of happy as well as sad moments. There came times when I was happy and sometimes I was upset too.
Initially, I was just a log. I was cut along with a lot of other trees. Then we were loaded in a huge truck and taken to a factory, where we were given shape and made into huge desks. We were painted all over and were smelling of new paint. We were shining and looking very good. Then again we were loaded in a truck. This time we were taken to a large building which was the biggest school in our city.
I was proud to be a desk of this school. I was placed in a cold, damp room, beside a window. It seemed that the room was not opened for at least one month. Next day, a happy lot of girls entered the room. Two well mannered girls kept their school bags upon me. They both sat upon me and studied the whole year. They enjoyed sitting together and took great care of me.
But, next year came the naughty ones. They all jumped upon us, scratched us with compass and we felt severe pain. After each and every year came the naughty, naughtier and the naughtiest one. They started to hurt us in various ways and we got uglier day by day.
Now, I lay with all the other desks in a dark and cold attic, with scratches all over, wanted by no one. We don’t know where we will go, where is our destination. But, I still do miss the very first lot of children, specially the first two girls who shared a year with me.