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The Great Gatsby Assignment

    • For each chapter (except Ch. 9), at least one of the three columns (Device – Passage – Connection to Meaning) is completed for you.   Your job is to correctly and meaningfully complete any blank column.   Passages should be directly cited and effectively chosen.   (Include page number[s].)

    • Each “Connection to Meaning” entry will require multiple, thoughtful sentences.

    • Each “Connection to Meaning” entry must include: (a) discussion of meaning in the immediate context of the device, and (b) discussion of meaning in the greater context of the novel.   You are expected to complete the “a” portion of your discussion as soon as you read the chapter (or the several chapters assigned as that day’s homework).   You are expected to return to each completed “a” portion at the conclusion of the novel, as you attempt to find new insight and complete the “b” portion of your discussion.   (Remember that Ch. 6 is your model for the third column.)

    • You may access this document from my school website and save a copy on your computer so that you can type your responses rather than hand write them.   OR

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The Great Gatsby:   Connecting Device to Meaning

|Chapter         |Device/Strategy             |Passage and page number                                 |Connection to Meaning                                                                         |
|1               |Juxtaposition               |“’There’s a bird on the lawn that I think must be a     |                                                                                               |
|               |                             |nightingale come over on the Cunard or White Star Line. |                                                                                               |
|               |...