Australian Bail Speech

Good morning/Good afternoon everyone, today I will be talking to you about the downfalls of multiculturalism and attempting to persuade you into believing that Australia’s identity is being compromised.   Australia should continue to encourage multiculturalism and immigration, but not at the cost of our traditions, values and culture. All Australians need to have a primary focus on being a part of the mainstream culture and community. Today I will be arguing that a subtly multicultural society kills out opportunities for terrorism and extremism to arise, it decreases conflict and tension between cultures and lastly I will argue that my ideas are based upon and backed up by the work of the Howard government and numerous independent experts.
I’d firstly like to talk about where my ideas have stemmed from among the rising support for multiculturalism in the wider society, and worldwide. Recent support for multiculturalism in politics dates back through the Gillard, Rudd, Hawke, Keating, Fraser and Whitlam governments down to the early 70’s. The only government not in support of this was the Howard government from 1996 to 2007. John Howard has always been known for his criticism against this touchy issue and his government was a major shadow on Australian multiculturalism. Howard and his members had the valid ideas that there is “no reason why migrant cultures should be maintained at the expense of our shared, national culture.” And that the Australian themes of ‘mateship’ and a ‘fair go’ are what immigrants are attracted to in their search for a new life. These critics have questioned such things as the vagueness and confusion of the term ‘multiculturalism’ and its general utility. Asking for example, aren’t the needs of migrants already being adequately met by our existing democratic institutions?
The earliest academic critics of multiculturalism in Australia were the philosopher Lachlan Chipman, sociologist Tanya Birrell and political scientist Raymond...