Australia - Diary


I have just arrived to Australia. The weather here is warm and relaxing; the slight cool breeze brushing through my hair makes it feel like I’m in paradise. It was the perfect time to travel here, just before New Year. I’m overwhelmed with the fact that in couple of days I’ll be spending it here, in Sydney. I’m very excited. Here it feels like a horrible rush hour, like I can’t take a breath! There’s always something new to explore each day, can’t wait to start my amazing week!

- It’s Thursday and my first day in Australia. Okay, straight to the point. First thing I have to do is to visit the opera house. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I’ve seen stunning images and heard that there is lots of breath taking performances. Now i finally get to see the amazing contruction for my very own eyes.
I spent my whole day in Sydney, just wondering how beautiful the city is. I will come back to Sydney, Sunday. See you then. But for now I’m really tired of walking. I think I should go and find a hotel. Take some rest and plan what I should do tomorrow.

- Friday

I love sunny mornings. Sun is shining straight in to my hotel room, from the window. I think I’m never going back to Finland. I love summer, and in Australia I can enjoy whole year of summer. For today’s mission, is to visit Jamberoo!
Jamberoo is a worldwide known amusement park and seems like the place to go get wet and wild!
Oh gosh I’m absolutely exhausted by the rides! Their totally awesome and better then what I expected.
Now I would like to eat some Australian food, but before I eat, I need to sit down for a few minutes and calm down, because otherwise might vomit.
After lunch, it’s time to go back to the hotel and just lay on the beach which is right next to hotel.

- Saturday

Today will be an interesting day. Tonight when the clock hits 12, 2010 will be turned into 2011. It’s New Year. Everything is closed today and I think I’m just might use it to my advantage to...