Aural- Wake Up the Living End

‘Wake up’ – The Living End
Duration~ up until 1min 20secs of video
The piece is set in minor key feel. As the piece starts it has a two bar repeated riff with notes moving in steps played by the guitar, with a combination of ascending and descending movements. Then male vocals come in after the drums singing also in a minor key, similar to the intro the notes of the vocalist are moving in steps while the guitar still plays the repeated riff. Accompanying the vocals and guitar is the bass doubling the bass drum accenting the four beats of the bar playing constant repeated notes. Building to the chorus more ‘grungy’ sound with added layer of a distorted guitar playing chords.    
The tempo of the piece is allegro and the regular time signature being             . The piece starts with eight bar intro from the guitar playing a 2 bar repeated riff;
                                                          |   Which also has the same rhythmic pattern in

each bar but not melodic pattern. After the eight bar intro the drums come in with a syncopated rhythm to contrast with the straight rhythmic pattern of the guitar which continues with the riff. Mean while the bass in playing a driving pattern;
                              | This pattern creates a strong pulse which moves the band along the pattern also doubles with the bass drum of the drums which also emphasis the pulse and drive. After another eight bar phrase the vocals join the mix which is singing long a combination of both long and short notes that contrast with the fast rapid movement of the drums.

The piece starts off with monophonic intro from the guitar playing a repeated riff this is a delicate texture contrasting to the rest of the piece when all layers are added. After the intro from the guitar the drums and bass comes in changing the type of texture to a homophonic sound. Eight bars of the guitar, bass and drums the vocals come in creating a melody, the...