Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Benefits and Flaws of a New Dimension

Alexandra Kastana
Communication Department
New Media Essay, Fall Semester 2012

The aim of this essay is to discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of an upcoming view of reality as Internet of Things propounds (Beyond Locative Media: Gining Shape to the Internet of Things, Tuters M. Varnelis K, 2006). A new application called Augmented Reality appears to be the forthcoming technological breakthrough. The New Generation mobile phones i.e. i-phones and Android are already in disposal, designed to run locative-media applications and services (Digital Urban Ambience: A Field Study of Mediated Context-Awareness by Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov, Glen Würtz Nielsen, Søren Thorup, Michael Vestergaard, Aalborg University, 2011, p1). Augmented Reality has already started to set new boundaries in our every-day activities and introduces new limits of speed in knowledge acquisition. Thus, plenty of companies choose Augmented Reality to be part of their communication strategy and it starts to become an integral part of our lives ( Therefore, it is important to investigate both, the impact that this technological innovation may have in society and if it contributes to benefit its users.

The field of science and technology has always brought about several issues that divided the scientific community into groups, putting under consideration ideological or even moral issues. However, when technology is involved into the field of Sociology and Sociology of Information then dilemmas occur which regard not only the scientific world but society as well.

Since ‘’the first recognizable social network site’’ was commenced in 1997, the quality of human relations and the means young people use in order to socialize were put under a prism ( Making a...