Attachment Styles

Factual Knowledge about Matters of Life 

We can conclude that the mother has factual knowledge that can be verified.   Factual Knowledge about matters of life tells us to consider this includes knowledge about human nature, interpersonal relations, and social norms when dealing with the young child.   The facts here include the fact that the neither the mother nor the child paid for the cookies.   The cookies were not in the vehicle they went to the store in, and the child made no clear signs that the cookies came from home prior to going to the store. The mother knows this child understands the difference between wrong and right and that the child knew that stealing is unacceptable, not only to the mother, but to the store as well.   At this point the mother must acknowledge the cookies and start assessing the options.   This mother could choose to ignore this fact this child’s behavior could likely result in stealing bigger and better items next time.   The mother now should weigh her options as to how to handle the situation.  

Procedural Knowledge

Procedural knowledge involves coming up with strategies for dealing with the problems life throws at us as well as, weighing our options, handling the conflict and offering advice.   The procedural knowledge related to this incident needs to be looked at from all sides, including the child’s. The mother actually has many positive choices here, as this is an ideal time to teach not only the consequences of stealing from someone but also the lack of respect that is shown to that person, or in this case, place.   The mother could also become very angry at the child and let her emotions take over, which could cause any real teaching lessons to be cast aside.   For this sake let us assume that the mother is using good judgment and decides this is an ideal teaching situation in a positive setting.   Being that the mom knows this child well, she needs to open to the door to communication to find out why he or she thought...