As children would be pretty safe to say that everyone has perceived notions and assumptions about life.   Unfortunately, as we grow older and begin to experience life we come to find that our ideas about the way life is supposed to play out changes, whether it be for the good or the bad.   One major assumption that comes to mind would be, “good things happen to good people”.   Another would be, “good things come to those who wait”.   Though   logic and even common sense would tell one that these sayings and widely shared beliefs would stand to be true, they are far from scientific laws.  
It is true that people who show a great sense of character reap a great amount of rewards in life.   For example, students who are responsible, and hard working tend to earn high grades in their classes.   Those who treat people with respect tend to receive the same amount of respect in return.   However, the hard working student in the world is not guaranteed the “A” or sometimes even the “B” that they expected to receive.   Hours could be spent digging into hundreds of books.   The kindest person with the biggest heart in the world could receive very little, or even none of the love and respect that he shows to the world.   These big unfortunate turn of events tend to be highly disappointing.   Never the less this is a tough lesson to learn in the game of life.  
In addition to the assumptions about action being taken, there are also assumptions made on not taking the initiative.   The previously mentioned slogan good things happen to those who wait is a great example.   Though patience is a great virtue to have it does not guarantee anything.   Yes, it is true that in life certain things take time.   For example, a great fisherman knows that in order to get the perfect catch, he or she must cast out their line and from then on it’s pretty much a waiting game.   On the contrary, life is not a fishing trip where everything comes to you with open arms.   As             I mature and develop I take...