Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide is a controversial issue that can go either war in today’s world.   Unlike other topics this deals with how we are treat each other as humans and discusses how this could be a form of suicide or just a relief for the person in pain.   The performance of Physician assisted suicide has been going on for some time now and is increasingly becoming illegal.   It is a very big issue and it is one that needs to be addressed.   This issue relates to many people out there, having families go through hardships with hospitals and hospice departments and their relatives in them.   Families having to make the decision for their family members as to whether to leave them in a hospital hooked up to life support or placing them in a hospice and watching their loved one die.   This subject is not too unfamiliar in the world around us, but it is one issue that should be brought up more in governmental debates.   Euthanasia can be seen as an unethical way of killing, an act of murder, which invites religion, morality, government, and family into battle at the person’s final moments of life.   As much of a clear argument as this topic is, it is still being argued around forums as a choice form of death today, leading with examples from Family, Religion, and Morality.   On the family issue, there are such reasons to why this topic would benefit in a family crisis.   Euthanasia provides a way to relieve patients from extreme pain, and also relieves the loved ones from the pain of watching their family member fade away (Koukl, 1998).


Taking this pain off of everyone's shoulders is probably the best thing to do, so that they can all finally move on.   Medical funds needed to keep this person alive in a hospice facility or at home are a big factor of this issue as well.   Medical bills can range up to thousands and thousands of dollars a day when they are kept on a ventilator or given numerous medications for pain...