Assisgment 206

Assignment 206
Task A
Ai Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship.
Working relationships have set objectives and purposes. These objectives such as getting someone dressed or feeding them are found in the clients care plan. Friendships don’t have set objectives or purposes.
Working relationships between clients and carers are usually one way with the care knowing personal information about clients but clients knowing very little of the carers personal life’s. Personal relationships tend to be two way with both people sharing personal information.
Working relationships follow professional codes of conducts that tell people how relationships should be carried out.   The code of conducts also tells you how you’re expected to behave and what is acceptable behaviour. Personal relationships don’t have written codes of conducts that is monitored by a regulator unlike working relationships.
Aii Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting.
  * Two health care workers.
  * Health care worker and client.

Aiii Explain why it is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family.
It is important to work in partnership with individuals and their families as no one person can deliver a good quality service on their own. People need to work together in order to create a support plan that meets the clients needs. Working together means sharing information which can lead to joint up care that fully supports the client.
Aiv identify three ways of working that can help improve partnership working.
  * Having good communication
  * Respecting and valuing the work of others
  * Making clear decisions

Av when people with different views, skills and expertise are working together, they may disagree about the best way forward. Identify five different skills or approaches that might help resolve conflict.
  * Recognising...