Russell W. Glass
PROC 5820
Assignment 1
Prof. Ullein

Concept development/idea generation
I have years of experience in the Army, both as an NCO, and now as an officer. I have been deployed to foreign countries 5 times. These personal experiences have given me an appreciation for the many things involved with running a tactical and training operation. There is still a domestic and foreign need for skilled security professionals, and foreign demand is likely to increase as US forces are reduced in Iraq.
Product/service concept design
Security services by nature are tailored to each customer. The challenge is to have a skilled labor pool to draw versatile workers from, and a training program that emphasizes this versatility. The basic concept, however, is not a new one, and my company can draw from both recent successes and failures of other firms that offer similar services.
Process selection criteria and approaches (preliminary, final - relate to process spectrum)   Continuous flow processes work well for certain industries, but my company needs to provide trained individuals.   Part of the training regimen demands that associates receive training in a class with other associates.   People learn teamwork skills best while learning with others, so (even if financially practical), a continuous flow process where an associate received individualized training is impossible.  
In process flow terms, Glass could best be described in terms of a batch flow process.   Classes or "batches" of Glass associates will go through the training process.   This process is the best for training, because Glass and the customer need standardized training from their workers.   At the beginning of the flow, there will be certain training that all Glass associates will undergo, such as basic first aid, legal guidelines, company HR and financial policies, and basic weapons handling.   As with most batch flows, there will be a "menu" of training options available to the customer,...