HCS/ 475

This paper will address the health care accountability issues that many hospitals are face with today. It is important to hold employees accountable for their actions especially when dealing with patients.   In this paper it will show solutions on ways to make employees affective and how to reach productivity in their work.

Americans have welcomed the world of technology as we see it today. Technology has evolved and has allowed every company to expand its horizons. We have had tremendous breakthroughs in medical research and miracle drugs worldwide. Over time, however the questions arise more means better, but to what magnitude and who will be accountable for which aspect of the health care arena. Accountability is important because of the rising medical and health coverage cost since the early 1970s (Darby, 1998). Since that time Medicare has made stricter demands on hospitals reviews and holding them accountable for the care of the patients. Hence, by doing this holds the physicians accountable for the care and the cost that Medicare and other medical health coverage expense that has to be pay out. Physicians were treating their patients but some were adding unnecessary test in order to appease their patients. So in essence what the insurance companies are saying “Doctor’s only recommend test that are needed”. If in fact the test is not needed then the insurance company’s do not have to pay. Therefore, there will be a loss of funds and someone will have to pay. At one time or another in everyone’s life most will apply for a job. Those that apply for employment understand that a service is too rendered in order to receive a paycheck. Holding employees accountable will help the individual to become an asset to the organization. It is when managers do not hold their employee’s accountable is when the problems arise. Surprisingly, managers who do not hold their employees accountable leave them frustrated...